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Born in Buenos Aires, she graduated from the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón of the National Superior School of Fine  Arts Ernesto la Cárcova. She obtained a degree at the UNA ( National University of the Arts ) of National Professor, Senior Professor of sculpture and Visual Arts respectively. She has studied at the UNA the specialization of Combined Artistic Languages.



2014- Great Honor Cultura a ward of the 103 Nacional Salón of Visual Arts 2014.

2013- First Sculpture Prize. Salón Manuel Belgrano. Sivori Museum.

2013- Mention Price the National Art Exhibition. Palais de Glace Museum.

2010- Honorable Mention Hall of La Pampa.

2007- Special Price, Annual Exhibition, Palais Glace Museum.

2003- 3° Award "Manuel Belgrano Exhibition Hall". Sivori Museum. Acquisition.

1998- Santa Fe Annual Exhibition Hall. The Litoral University Award. Santa Fe Exhibitin Hall.

1997- Quilmes Community Award.

1997- 1° Award  Belgrano R Arts Palace, Opening Exhibition Hall.

1996- Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Exhibition Hall,  XLI Sculpture Award.  

1994- SAAP August Exhibition Hall Award.

1993- 3°Award  XVIII  Avellaneda  Municipal Exhibition Hall.

1990- 2° Award  Visual Arts Exhibition Hall. Quilmes Town Hall.

1989- Sculpture Scholarship Award. Year 1989. E. De la Carcova.




2007- Exhibition. Thames Gallery. Bs.As.

2008- Imaginary. Thames Gallery. Bs.As.

2002- "Places". C. C. Recoleta.

2001- "Eight Sculptors in the Subway". Hernandez Station. Metrovías.

1999- "Elements". C. C. San Martín.

1998- "Ancestors". C. C. Recoleta.

1997- "Metaphors of the Memory". C. C. San Martín.

1997- "Sculptures". Belgrano R. Arts Palace.

1994- Saint Germain Foundation. ( Single Exhibit).



2016-Contemporary Argentine Sculpture. International Sculpture Bienal 2016. Chaco in Buenos Aires.

2015-Artists of the National School of Fine Arts Pueyrredón. Women of the twentieth century. Library of the National Congress.

2014- 103 National Visual Arts. Palace de Glace.

2014- Sculpture at the Rectory. UNA. Universidad Nacional de Artes.

2014- Vínculos. Paulina Webb- Norma Siguelboim.

2014- Salón Manuel Belgrano Annual Exhibition

2013-Manuel Belgrano Annual Exhibition. Art Flag. Centro Cultural Borges." VIVIR sobrevivir, territorios de la precariedad "(LIVE survive,

precariousness territories ). Centro Cultural Recoleta

2012-Manuel Belgrano Annual Exhibition. Arte Ba "5 sculptors 5" Collective Exhibition in Angel Guido Art Project Gallery.Buenos.AiresHall of La Pampa.

Museum MACA, Junin, Buenos Aires Province. DialogueaboutinternationalsymposiumsEGGO. Centro Cultural Recoleta.

2011-Collective Exhibition "5 Sculptors 5"in Angel Guido Art Project Gallery.Buenos.Aires. Manuel Belgrano Annual Exhibition. Sivori Museum. Annual

Exhibition in Palais Glace. Arte BA in Angel Guido Gallery. Buenos Aires. Crudo and Conejeando. Solange Guez Gallery . Buenos Aires

2010-“10 Woman in the art”. MunicipalMuseumof Fine Arts Fernán Félix de Amador. Buenos Aires.

 Exhibition of Art. Manuel Belgrano. Sivori Museum.(2009).

“Green Projection” in Contemporary Art Expositions Center. The Olivera´s Large House. Avellaneda Park. Buenos Aires.

Expotrastrastiendas, Solange Guez Space. La Rural. Buenos Aires. 

National Sculpture Hall New Section 2010. National Boards.

"Sculpture in the Garden." Larreta Museum. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Tag Award. Organized by Art Galery. Buenos Aires.

2009-Exhibition of Art. Manuel Belgrano. Sivori Museum.

 knotting Nets- 5th International Biennal Textil Art. Amia Place.

 Installation in Palais Glace Museum.

 Larreta Museum. Sculptures in the Garden.

Expotrastiendas. Flor Salas Space. Us, the other. Installation collectively organized by AAVRA. Centro Cultural Recoleta.

2008-Sculptures in San Francisco Church. Bs.As.

Artist Exhibition . Art`s Day- on line- Photos and Sculptures. Thames Gallery

2007-Annual Exhibition. Palais Glace Museum.

Expotrastiendas. Flor Salas Space.

Sculptures in Larreta`s Garden.

2006-Annual exhibition Manuel Belgrano.

“Living in harmony- weapon destruction”, Palais de Glace and Argentine theatre. Pettorutti gallery. La Plata city.

Experimental Garden Space in Museum Center of Buenos Aires.

Sculptures in Larreta´s garden.

2005-Konex festival, Carlos Keen, Lujan.

B.A. Art. Exhibition of professors of the University Institute of National ART.

F.N.A Culture House

Weapons Destruction project in Palais de Glace invited by the University of Cuyo ( MUA)

National Exhibition Hall, scultures  and object. National Exhibition Halls en the Palais de Glace.

2004-"Transabasto". "In the Future City of Konex".

2° Award AAGA. Klem Art Gallery.

 UDE in the Metropolitan.  Buenos Aires Metropolitan Museum.

National Exhibition Hall, 2004. National Exhibition Halls.

"Evita: a  shield". Traveling exhibit.

2003-"Three possible spaces between heaven and earth". Yrurtia Museum.

UDE in Borges Station.

UDE in the Paper Manufacturing.

Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Hall . (2002).

2002-Santa. Fe Annual Hall.

Pampa´s Hall.

"Sculptures in the Garden". Larreta Museum.

2001- Santa Fe Annual Hall.

National Exhibition Hall.

"Tribute to Women". C. C. Marco del Pont. PerlottiMuseum.


UDE in the UTN.

2000- 200X 200X200. C. C. Recoleta.

Manuel Belgrano Exhibition Hall.

 National Exhibition Hall, 2000.

Exhibit with UDE in  Recoleta´s square

UDE in the UTN.

1999-250 X 250 X 250. C. C. Recoleta.

"Young Sculpture". Perlotti Museum.

National Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

"The Woman and her prominence". Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts.

"One Hundred Years, One Month". Tribute to Jorge Luis Borges. C. C. San Martín.

1998-Santa Fe Annual Exhibition Hall. The Litoral University Award. Santa Fe Exhibitin Hall.

LXXXVII National Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

XLIII Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

"Sculptures". Julio Marc Provincial Historical Museum, Rosario. Santa.Fe.

"Our Ancestors III". Perlotti Museum.

1997-LXXXVI National Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

XLII Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

1° Award  Belgrano R Arts Palace, Opening Exhibition Hall.

1996-Jerusalem Sculpture and Painting Award. Sivori Museum.

XLI Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Exhibition Hall.

Manuel Belgrano Visual Arts Exhibition Hall,  XLI Sculpture Award.  




2001-Argentine Art in Holland.

2001-The Puffin Room Foundation. Soho. N. York.

2000-"Argentine Art  to Rome". La Pigna. Roma.

1999-Contemporary Art in Cuba. Militar Morro Cabaña. Cuba.

1999-Argentine Contemporary Art in Holland.

1998-Argentine Contemporary Art in Cuba.



2016-FEDEMA 2016. Formosa. Argentina.

2016-International Sculpture Bienal. Resistencia. Chaco. Argentina.

2014-Bienal internacional de escultura.Resistencia. Chaco. Argentina

2013- 2013 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships

Breckenridge, Colorado - USA

2012 -International Snow Sculpting Symposium

Zehnder’s Snowfest 2012. World class snow Sculpting Competition. Michigan. EU

2011-L´International de sculpture sur neige du Carnaval de Québec. Canadá.

2010-L´International de sculpture sur beige du Carnaval de Québec. Canada (queda en frances)

2009-6th - International Snow Sculpting Symposium. Italy

2009- 4th-  International Competition Snow Sculpture Fete D`Hiver 

of Saint- Jean- Port- Joli. Canada






Gren Projection is a collective created by Paulina Webb and Norma Siguelboim.

Our idea is to work with the green nature and the position of men inside it, as a part of it.

This agrupation was presented  Expotrastiendas , in Florencia Salas 's space, the 15 of october of 2009, but we had been working on this collective project a long time before.

We are sculptors and we have developed our work independently, but Green Projection allows us to create a collective work ignoring our names and individuality, generating a different perception through a common look.




2010- Installation Red Fragmentation. Contemporary Art Expositions Center. The Oliver 's Large House. Avellaneda Park. Buenos Aires.

2009- Project for the National Monument to the Memory of the Holocaust Victims. Organised by the Secretary of Culture of the Presidence of Argentina 's Nation. Expotrastiendas. Florencia Salas 's space. Exposition Center. Buenos Aires.




A number of her work belongs to both, private and museum colections.




2007-"Viva" Magazine. Clarin Magazine. Clarin Newspaper in Fashion News, Pag.

52-53 of 1/08/07.

2007-" Garden" Magazin, Anuary 2007.

2008-   Art Map. Bs. As. Pag 128. Sculpture in the Garden. Collective Exhibition.